Models We sail

We sail on the back lake of Wickham Park. Enter at the main entrance located at 2500 Parkway Drive. Drive around the loop to the back lake.

Space Coast Model Sailing Club

where we sail


Want to try model sailing but don't know where to start? We sail on Wednesdays (practice) and on Saturdays (racing) from 9:30 until about 12:30.

Every Saturday from 9:30am to 12:30pm, SPMSC races the four classes we sail.

1) Rick Ault
2) Andy Fox
3) Richard Kaminski
4) Mike Campbell
5) Dan Massesa
5) Fred Bremen
5) Eric Marshall
6) Lou Rasmussen
6) Ron Rios
7) Charles Leonard
7) David Young
8) Tommy Keyes
9) Jim Boddy

How to Get Started

We sail 4 different models

  • US 1 Meter
  • Soling 1 Meter
  • RG65
  • Dragon Force 65