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We race every Saturday from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM year round on the back lake (north lake) in Wickham park.


We have selected and endorse the Victor Soling (Soling 1M) as our official and number one club boat. The Soling is an excellent beginning boat from which members can learn building, tuning, and sailing skills. The Solings are all built to one design specification, thus assuring all members equal competition.

As a second club boat, we have selected the US One Meter class (US1M) which is a more high tech design than the Soling. The club presently has a hull mold for this boat and is producing hulls for members at nominal cost. This boat configuration is not as rigidly controlled as the one design Soling and therefore allows members to gain some design skills besides extending building, tuning and sailing skills.

The third boat in our fleet is the RG65 a developmental class that is sailed world wide. Our club has about 15 RG65 that sail and several skippers are top class sailors who sail in several classes.

Our fourth class boat is also classified as RG65 but as Dragon Force one design. This class has only been in existence for a couple of years but has taken the RC sailboat world by storm. Over 2,000 boats have been sold in 2 years. The Dragon Force comes ready to sail for less than $200.


Copyright 2019. Space Coast Model Sailing Club. All rights reserved.